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  • Drag-and-drop translation
    Drag-and-drop up to 5 documents at once (less than 20MB each), get your translations in 15 to 45 seconds*
  • Format preservation
    Perfectly preserve source files’ formatting and typesetting
  • Automatic bilingual layout
    Easily present your translations in sentence-by-sentence or
    paragraph-by-paragraph layouts
  • 20 formats
    Capable of handling complex documents such as scanned PDFs and picture formats
  • 27 languages
    Support 27 widely-used languages
    including Chinese, Spanish, English,
    Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese,
    German, Korean, French and Italian
  • Privacy guarantee
    All of your translations are securely stored in your private cloud space, we guarantee that nobody else can see or touch them
Boost your translation productivity in SECONDS
You can easily import your personal
translation memories (TMs) onto the private
cloud space, Sesame Translate first
retrieves your personal TMs (including
edited sections), then ours.
Sesame Translate offers easy-to-use,
intuitive-editing functions that anyone can
operate. No more confusion wasted time, or
steep learning curves.
Take advantage of our world-class collection
of TMs. Sesame Translate gives you
unlimited free access to over 7.5 billion
translation units in multiple verticals.

*15-45 seconds is the average speed of bulk translation. Help     Contact Us    Privacy and Terms

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For files other than .docx/.xlsx/.pptx/.txt formats, whether it is "sentence to sentence" or "paragraph to paragraph", the bilingual translation effect is the same.